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Need of Food Industry Specific ERP System?

Food Industry Specific ERP System

The food industry is growing rapidly, so the demand for the best food-specific ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions for this industry. This industry faces several challenges, like continuous innovation, demands, low margin, high competition, manufacturing, and supply chain management. This industry is evolving to overcome such challenges and putting its efforts into making business management easier. This industry needs a specific ERP solution to manage everything from manufacturing to customer support. 

Several generic ERPs are available in the market, but only a few fit the industry’s needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the solution capable of empowering the business with the combined capabilities of the ERP and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with ease. 

The specific Food base ERP can help such industries manage the recipes, schedule production, better supply chain, manage raw material vendors, customer support, and the list goes on and on. Also, such solutions can help the industries to optimize the current business processes, like accounting, finance, purchasing, human resource, manufacturing, inventory management, logistics, and more. ERP helps you automate the processes and make them flexible for scalability. 

The term refers to a particular solution that can easily fit into a specific requirement. The food industry is volatile, and to manage it, we need a specific ERP solution. In this blog, you will get to know the need for a food-specific ERP solution and the possible solutions we have at the moment to make things work. 

Must-Have Key features in a Food Specific ERP solution

As per the food industry’s need, there must be the availability of some specific features in food-specific ERP solutions other than the generic ERP. These features are available below:

Data Reporting

The ERP must make the data access easy and supportive for all users, whether it is the admin or the entry-level user of the organization. There are many more processes in the food manufacturing industry than in a generic industry. And, to tackle the reporting and data, the ERP must possess the capabilities to make the data availability easy and can be fetched from anywhere and anytime. There must be no dependency on manual data collection and reporting, making the entire process cumbersome. 

Start to End Process Management

Several processes and operations make the whole manufacturing run efficient and smooth. Also, some moving material processes need to be tracked with real-time data reporting. This can all be done with a food-specific ERP solution. 

A specific or customized ERP can easily deal with such operations and report the data in real-time. Even it helps the users share the data with other users using a single dashboard, making it easier to access. 

Simple User Interface

The user interface of a food-specific ERP should be easy to understand and easy to obtain true insights into the processes. One of the organizations’ major concerns is learning and understanding a new system, whether an ERP or a CRM. Because learning takes time, and in the meantime, it will affect the efficiency and productivity of the users. So, the ERP with a simple user interface will make the employees work efficiently without bothering the organization’s processes.

Data Security

Whether it is a human or an organization, the data of anyone matters a lot. It acts like an important entity that matters to anyone without compromising anything. When we talk about ERP, cloud deployment makes the data safe and secures it from unwanted threats. Also, the ERP solution provides authorizations and permissions and lets the assigned users access the data, making the data safe from any unauthorized access. 

Inventory Management System

For the food manufacturing industry, inventory management plays a major role. And an ERP is a must-have solution to manage everything related to the inventory. It conveys the stock, warehouse, delivery, and more data. It will let you know all the information you need to keep the stocks updated. 

Benefits of having a Food Specific ERP Solution

Most manufacturing industries lack in managing the entire process. They encounter errors from production to delivery due to poor management and reporting. If such organizations start using the food-specific ERP solution, most errors will be eliminated, making the business management smoother and more efficient. There are several benefits of having a food-specific ERP solution, and some are listed below:

More Production

The sharing of data with human interaction leads to errors and mistakes. But, when an ERP manages the process and shares the data in real-time, it leads to almost no error, thus making more products in the same investment. Also, with the help of real-time reporting due to cloud deployment, the admin users supervise the operation and make an informed decision whenever there is a need. 

Less Management Cost

When organizations start to manage the business properly, they get the actual data about the process and operations. After that, they can decide the process or the operation for cost-cutting without decreasing the plant efficiency. Also, they will identify the areas to invest more resources for more quality production. 

Increase Flexibility

An ERP system makes business management flexible. It helps businesses grow and scale without investing any more in ERP. The food-specific ERP works best for achieving the manufacturing and delivery goals. You can scale the industry rapidly after achieving good overall efficiency. 

Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a perfect fit for Food Industry?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not only a perfect fit for a food-specific manufacturing industry but also works best for any industry, irrespective of its type. If you want a mixed version of an ERP and CRM solution, Dynamics 365 is for your industry. But, if you want an ERP only to manage the business process, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central would work great for your business. It is a major component of the dynamics 365 suite. The selection of ERP/CRM depends on your requirement and what you expect from your business. However, most of the food-specific industries are opting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and customize it as per the needs to manage the business and the customers. 

If you are still facing any issues in deciding the best ERP for your business, the team of Dynamics Square is available to help you out. You can book a consultation call with us and get your queries resolved right away. 

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