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B2B SaaS Companies in 2022! What Makes them Unique? 

B2B SaaS Companies

Even since the last few years, B2B SaaS has been proliferating and has established a core for businesses. Some of the top SaaS companies have been transformed into household names, with so much popularity. Still, if you are not so familiar with B2B SaaS, it is the right time now to get through it. Some of the best B2B SaaS companies provide tools to support other companies and are well designed for businesses of any industry niches.  

So, in the typical sense, B2B SaaS products are meant to render support for marketing, Customer relationship, lead generation, sales, productivity, task management, and more. Some of the big shots B2B SaaS products include Salesforce, Hubspot, Shopify, Yoroflow, etc. 

We feature the top 10 B2B SaaS companies that offer reliable solutions to businesses. 

#1 Slack 

With a hybrid workplace model, Slack needs no introduction at all. It is a well-versed communication platform like Email and holds a messaging interface by itself, allowing teams to communicate effectively. User-friendly features like topic-wise communication channels, swift search history, and message pinning options are available. Undoubtedly, Slack is a handy tool for businesses to make internal communication seamless and productive.  

#2 Hubspot

It is one of the leading successful SaaS companies that hold the world’s favorite CRM. Your team well manages your customers with this super cool CRM. The best part is a free CRM package and excellent customer support and knowledge base for every query you post. 

#3 Yoroflow 

When B2B SaaS is on your list, look at nothing beyond an All-in-one software solution for your project management. Starting from marketing efforts lead generation to the closure of the sale, and beyond, with automated workflows and task management system, it has lovely features that every business would admire. It is an intelligent workflow automation software that helps you manage, automate and optimize your business process management. This way, you get more efficient and effective project management that yields you good customer retention in the long run. Seamless integration feature with the third-party makes it entirely compatible for businesses to implement it. This would be the best saas software solution that you opt for your business. 

#4 Survey Monkey 

Would you like to include surveys in your campaigns? Then you would not cross the Survey Monkey without using it at least once. It would help you with effective surveys for your market research, customer feedback, and employee engagement.  

#5 Mailchimp 

It is a SaaS company meant for small and medium businesses and helps you build a custom domain, social media ads, and more. It can be used as a CRM automation tool for your email campaigns and to understand the behavioral patterns of your target group. The free version would have limitations in the number of emails that can be uploaded. Still, premium subscriptions would help you achieve your goal of implementing a successful email marketing campaign. 

#6 Canva 

Canva is a lover of writers who can do basic designs. It offers excellent designs and graphic images that depict your content and can be integrated with social media channels. With many inbuilt templates and images, Canva rocks! It also helps you create your resume, Facebook covers, and all other images of that sort quickly and effectively. 

#7 Shiperd 

It is an excellent saas software solution for your shipping management. It helps you bid farewell to the physical paperwork activities and automate it via digital processes. All your paperwork can be managed seamlessly online, and shipment tracking is easy. Not just that, you can even integrate it with different workflows to experience the joy of hassle-free shipping management. 

#8 InterCom

Looking for the perfect messaging platform for your business? Then you will not miss this! Intercom helps you manage your customer queries efficiently. It comes with a chatbox that can be integrated with your website, and whenever a query is popped up, it can help you find the answer. The intelligent chatbots reply with the already fed information so that instant support can be rest assured even if you are out of the office. Not only that, but the customer can also book the meetings and schedule a call with the integrated calendars so that manual intervention can be reduced. It helps you save time and effort and not miss any chat encountered on the website. 

#9 Bamboo HR 

This is a massive saving for the Human REsource department. It dedicatedly helps you manage payroll and employee management activities with easy-to-use customizable solutions. It is well suited for small to medium businesses to opt for automation if HR processes. 

#10 UserPilot 

It is a B2B SaaS platform that helps you to improve your user engagement and enhances the user journey. It helps you create in-app experiences to boost the growth metrics. With this, you can easily customize the user interface and develop the behavioral triggers during the onboarding of the customers.   

Final Thoughts  

Of course, B2B SaaS companies are booming ever. From effective project management, task management, lead monitoring to email outreach campaigns, there are plenty of options that you can look at. The CRM automation tool helps you manage your leads and integrate them with your website for further optimization. The Sales automation tool can help you automate your sales process. So, define what you need to achieve with a SaaS platform, and accordingly, you can opt for the best tool that suits your business needs.


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